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Album Review: Gloriana - A Thousand Miles Left Behind

Gloriana - A Thousand Miles Left Behind
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

There's been a big gap between Gloriana's debut and their sophmore effort A Thousand Miles Left Behind. In that time, Cheyenne Kimball, though her vocals are still present on "Wanna Take You Home." Her departure has left a trio who now sound a little too much like Lady Antebellum as you can here in their latest single, "(Kissed You) Good Night" where Rachel Reinhart sounds suspiciously like Hillary Scott.

Even though the band can now be labeled as Lady A lite, A Thousand Miles Left Behind is still an album that country fans will embrace, or at least fans of country/pop. Gloriana still come through with beautiful harmonies and catchy lyrics. These are songs that you want to sing along to, and because they a have that infusion of pop music, the songs aren't overly twangy.

"Doin' It Our Way" is the perfect feel good song. It is a youthful song. "Wanna Take You Home" is as well, but this song feels like an extension of "Wild At Heart" which is a bit disappointing. "Go On...Miss Me" is another miss. This song in particular feels like a Lady A cast off.

Getting past those disappointments is easy though, with songs like "I Can't Shake You." This song really works the mandolin.

Like so many country artists they go down Patriotic Highway with "Soldier Song." What sets this song apart from so many other songs promoting the good ole U.S.A. is that doesn't have a political message or a even a go out and kick the enemy's butts message. Overall it is a wonderful song that pays tribute to the men and women that serve.

The band does some melt your heart ballads too like "Turn My World Around" and "Carolina Rose." These two songs let you see the softer side of the two primary vocalists, Rachel Reinhart and Tom Gossin.

Gloriana will win your heart with their harmonies and catchy lyrics and that is one thing that is in abundance on this album. Sure the songs may be as interchangeable as the average pop song, but unlike the pop songs, Gloriana's country folk songs aren't clichéd.

This band could have disbanded after Cheyenne deserted them, but instead they soldiered on, and truthfully, you won't even miss her from the line up.

Gloriana is a band for young country fans, and you can hear it in their music. It is light fluffy country, along the lines of what you get from Taylor Swift. It is fun to listen to but it isn't something that is going to stick with you long term.

Tom, Mike and Rachel have a great chemistry and their songwriting skills show promise. If they can stick together they may be a force to reckon with.

Genre: Country Pop
Sounds Like: Lady Antebellum
Label: Emblem
Buy: Amazon
Released: July 31, 2012
Rating: 8/10
Listen: Kissed You (Goodnight)
Tags: -review: albums
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