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Album Review: Hamid Grandi - Corde

Hamid Grandi - Corde
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

Hamid Grandi album Corde is a must listen for anyone. The Italian singer/songwriter/guitarist has created an album that will appeal to the masses regardless of whether or not they know a word of Italian. This is an album that transcends any language barrier.

Nine songs make up Corde and there isn't a bad song to be found here. This album is an example what happens when great lyrics and fabulous melodies get together. When you add a voice like Hamid's to the mix, the result has to be perfection, and it is.

The music of Corde speaks for itself. The songs aren't what you'd expect when the label acoustic is attached. Sure the acoustic guitar is the prominent instrument on the album, but there is so much more to this album than just the guitar.

Alessandro Santaniello joins Hamid on the album playing cello. His contribution gives the album that special something that sets it apart from the rest. In some songs like "Lola" the cello adds a little bit of romance and in others like "Il Criceto" it adds a fun gypsy like sound to the song. "Il Criceto," is by far the most spirited song on the album. The cello adds that old world quality.

Alessandro's cello takes center stage on "In Cielo E In Terra." The opening chords are all cello and from there on, the instrument demands your attention. Hamid's vocal, which is superb even takes a backburner at times to Alessandro's playing. Two words, cello solo. That isn't something that should get listeners excited, but in this case it should.

"Casomai" opens the album. The song is very folksy and fun. It is the type of music that gets you moving. As lively as "Casomai" is "Questestate" is slow. This song proves that French isn't the only language of love. Hamid's voice is so smooth, that is hard not to get warm fuzzy feelings when this song is on.

"Insieme Insieme" is a perfect pop song. The melody will remind American listeners of John Mayer. The "La la las" make this one of the songs that English speaking listeners will be able to sing along to, although with the catchy melody, there will probably be plenty of people trying to sing along with Hamid.

"Click" is another fun, pop sounding track. The opening spoken word is a very strange touch. This song has great percussion. Hamid's vocal is fun and at times a little cheeky. When he rolls his r's, there's bound to be some swooning from the female population. The song has the spirit of Donovan's material from the late 60s.

"Quand'è Miracolo" closes out Corde. It brings the album full circle. "Casomai" was lively. This track is slow and haunting. It is quite a contrast coming after "Click."

Corde is a perfect mixture of fast fun tracks and ballads that tug at the heartstrings. No matter what your listening preference there's something to love on this album. The songs have such life to them that those of us without knowledge of Italian, will be wishing to be bilingual.

Corde is a listening experience not to be missed. Hamid Grandi should be a musician/songwriter that the world should know about. The strength of the songs on this album should put his name out there.

Hamid's album is a feast for the ears and a wonderful edition to anyone's music collection. No matter what language you speak, Corde will be memorable listen, because good music speaks its own language. If you want to describe this album in one word, that word would have to be "perfetto."

Genre: Italian Pop
Sounds Like:
Buy: CD Baby
Released: 2012
Rating: 10 out of 10
Watch: Il Criceto (A rather cute video someone made of a running dog to the song. (Not associated with Hamid, but still cute)
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