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Album Review: Leyla Fences - Itty Bitty Twang Twang

Leyla Fences - Itty Bitty Twang Twang
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

Country fans will be happy to know the Leyla Fences has a new album out. Her follow up to 2010's Liars, Cheats & Fools. From the first song on Itty Bitty Twang Twang and you know that she hasn't lost any of that great honky tonk country that she delivered two years ago.

Leyla's songwriting is a mixture of relationship woes and humor. If you had to compare her to any country artist she's a cross between Jennifer Nettles and Ashton Shepard.

The first song on the album is "Get The Truck Out Of Here." A break up song and a great play on words that will bring a smile your face. The album closes with an interesting karaoke version of this song.

Leyla has a voice that's pure country and pure twang that's really needed in country music right now, because most country sounds too much like pop. When you listen to Leyla, you envision porch swings and guitars, trucks and bars and beer and bad relationships.

It is the humor in her songs that make you fall in love with Leyla. The lyrics "I must have done some amazing Mother Theresa like deeds. I must have done something right." will have you singing along as well as chuckling.

She makes light of a boozing lover, singing "I'll stop my whining, when you stop yours. I can't take your boozin' no more." Again a wonderful play on words. Leyla is a master at that.

"Trophy Wife" may sound like a fun song taking a jab at plastic surgery, but take a longer listen. The women in the song is allowing her husband change her into a Barbie doll like woman. The sad reality is that there are many women out there that would go under the knife for there men.

The songs aren't all fun, "The Next Time" is a song giving advice to a girl who's relationship has lost some of its spark. Milo Deering does double duty on this song adding the country flair with the fiddle and steel guitar.

"How Things Have Changed" has a similar subject only there's no advice here, just the facts of a couple grown apart.

Like old time country? "One More Honky Tonk" is the song for you. This song sounds like country music from the 60s and 70s. The song takes you back to the days when Loretta Lynn was the reigning queen of the country charts.

Itty Bitty Twang Twang is proof that there is still some "country" left in country music. Leyla Fences is definitely a country singer to watch out for.

Genre: Country
Sounds Like: Jennifer Nettles, Ashton Shepard, Loretta Lyny
Buy: Amazon
Released: August 1, 2012
Rating: 9/10
Tags: *elfslut, -review: albums

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