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Album Review: Jade Diary - Love Thy Will Be Done

Jade Diary - Love Thy Will Be Done
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

Jade Diary is the name taken by Australian singer songwriter, Cheryl Lim. Love Thy Will Be Done is her first EP release as a solo artist. The title track is a song written by Prince for Martika's first album. (Anyone remember the ex- Kids Incorporated star?). Most won't remember the original version, as it wasn't a huge hit. Jade Diary brings such life to the track that was a little too synth heavy. Cheryl Lim's voice is front and forward here, as it should be. Prince always wrote the best ballads for women, and this song is no exception. It is ethereal and romantic and super girly. Cheryl takes this song and makes it her own.

The EP is 5 songs and is a preview for listeners. Her full length album will be out later in the year. Of the five songs, three of them are written by Cheryl. The other four songs share some traits with the title track. All of them possess the same dreamy melodies and they all have a strong vocal. Cheryl's voice can be compared to the likes of Jennifer Noble of Grey Eye Glances with a touch of Colbie Caillat thrown in for good measure. Another similarity that many of the songs share is a melancholic tone.

"A Thousand Days" is a haunting song of forgiveness with a new age vibe. The lyrics convey sadness and are about forgiving a person who has hurt you. "A thousand days, a million stars. All that you said has turned into scars. It's time to say goodbye to the hate that blackens what's left of my heart." Cheryl's sings in a breathless, sultry way that still retains a certain innocence. There's something refreshing about a voice that is pure and free from all the overt sexuality that seems to have a hold on most pop music. Jade Diary is beyond that. This is music that is beautiful because its focus is on the lyrics and melody and not on shock value.

"Tomorrow" is a song about a city dweller. The song paints a vivid picture of how one person can be lonely in the throngs of a big city, and yet remain hopeful for bigger and better things to happen in the future.

Unrequited love is the theme of "Sublime," one of the EP's more upbeat sounding songs. The song has jangling guitars and a great beats, shades of Belinda Carlisle. This is pop perfection.

The EP ends with the mellow "Long Way From Home." It is another song about a love that's gone, and it couldn't be sung prettier. In fact, Cheryl Lim sings about sad subjects better than just about any artist. Her voice is soothing and angelic. Sadness should not sound so good.

Jade Diary is an artist to watch; a voice that isn't like every other out there. The three songs that she wrote are full of emotion and imagery. She will have you longing for the days when Lilith Fair was the concert to see, because surely she'd be part of it. Love Thy Will Be Done is just enough music to satisfy the listener, and it will help tide fans over until her full length album is released.

If you are looking to sample a new artist, look no further than Jade Diary. Love Thy Will Be Done is a reminder of all that is good in music. This is an EP that will definitely be put on repeat on your iPod or stereo, because it is simply that good. It is one of this year's best listens. If you haven't heard Jade Diary yet, what are you waiting for?

Genre: Pop
Sounds Like: Grey Eye Glances, Colbie Caillat
Rating: 10/10
Listen: Love Thy Will Be Done
Tags: *elfslut, -review: albums
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