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Album Review: Devlin Miles - Autumn's Fires

Devlin Miles - Autumn's Fires
Album Review by: elfslut

There’s a fine line between country music and pop music. Devlin Miles is standing proud, right in the middle, with a grin on her face, because at any moment, she could step over to either side. Her latest album, and first full length, Autumn’s Fires is a great example of all that is good in both genres and how much better both can be when they are combined.

The songs range from playful and infectious to serious and thought provoking. The album’s opening track, “Rush” starts off slow, making the listener think they are listening to something more laid back, but then the chorus takes off with some fast paced guitars and the tone shifts the song from sweetness and light to something dark and forceful, and all the while she’s singing about riding on a ride at Disneyland.

The most fun track and definitely the most country is “I Can’t Wait.” This song is extremely radio friendly with cross over potential. The song is catchy from the first bars full of twang. It is the perfect ode to summer; the kind of song to be played loudly anywhere summer is being celebrated or waiting to be celebrated, the car, the beach or the backyard. Crank up the volume and start singing along.

Devlin’s songs all have something about them that connects to something in the listener; whether it is their sense of fun or their social consciousness. The one song that should get anyone that listens thinking is “The Extra Mile” a song that was used to open the Out Of The Darkness Walk for The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

The song speaks out to people with family members that have suffered depression or have had a family member take their life. The song’s opening lines say this loud and clear, “Out of the darkness and into the light. Speaking out loud for our love ones tonight. We want you to know that your life’s not in vain. As we carry you with us, you light our flame.”

Another thought provoking track is “This Guy.” It is a fun, rocking tune about a guy whose greed is getting the better of him. She taunts him singing, “Guess freedom’s overrated. You’d rather steal than do what’s right.” As serious as the song is, the song will have listeners singing along.

Devlin’s lyrics are eloquent, upbeat and inspiring. The music behind her voice is played perfectly thanks to her backing band made up of Udi Levi (guitars), Trevor Coen (bass), Joe Goretti (percussion), and Margarita Martinez (vocals). Together they make music that is hard not to love .

Her sound has been compared to Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan. That’s quite a compliment for a relative newcomer, but it is deserving. She has the country rock flair that Ms Crow is noted, as is heard on several of the tracks on the album such as “Folding Chair“. She also has the ability to get that otherworldly sound like Ms. McLachan. This can best be heard on the title track “Autumn’s Fires”, one of the album’s more laid back tracks.

Autumn’s Fires is an album that proves that there are still women out there that can rock without taking their clothes off. It is an album where the music is front and center, and an album that can be listened to from start to finish without skipping a track.

Devlin Miles is a welcome, new voice to the scene. If Autumn’s Fires is any indication of what’s to come, Devlin Miles is going to be an artist whose new releases people will be anticipating for years to come.

Genre: Pop, Folk, Country
Sounds Like: Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan
Buy: CD Baby
Released: 2009
Rating: 9/10
Tags: *elfslut, -review: albums

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