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An Everywhere Girl
04 October 2012 @ 06:25 am
No Rules - Hell Or High Water
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

No Rules is a band consisting of eight friends from Seattle. They have a huge horn section that might make one think that they should change the band's name to Seattle as a nod to Chicago, or rather to the Chicago sound.

The songs on Hell And High Water will take a lot of listeners back to the 60s and 70s. The strong horn presence and the poppy lyrics all seem to point to an influence by artists like The Buckinghams and Chicago.

When you first listen to Hell And High Water, you're instantly taken in by the talent of these guys. Walt Johnson's guitar wails and the horn section is in your face. These guys take all the things that make rock music great and incorporate them into one nine-song album that will restore your faith in music.

There are a lot of classic rock elements to be found here, but at no time will you feel like they are trying to imitate any artist. The No Rules sound is its own, and it explodes with each song.

"Girl" is the album's first track. This one is really reminiscent of that 60s Chicago sound. They stick with that sound on "Lovin' Me Too Much." These songs are what pop/rock music is all about. The music is fun and fast-paced, and it brings to mind the phrase "good time rock n' roll."

"Motel" is pure 70s funk. This song really shows off the band's talent as musicians. The rhythm is strong, the guitars scream and wail, and the organ adds the funk.

If you are looking for a fun rocker, "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is the song for you. The beat is strong and so is the vocal.

The album isn't all rock, though. "My Beloved" is a great acoustic ballad. This is the type of song that screams "romance." Women will want their men to sing it to them, and men will wish they had written it. The best thing about this song is that it is so romantic, but it never crosses the line to sickeningly sappy.

"Down The Road" is one of the longer tracks on the record. At almost five minutes, it is the longest track on Hell And High Water. The sound is very 70s. They seem to be giving a nod to Three Dog Night with this one.

The album closes with the title track. It's the other four minute track and you'll love every funky, soulful minute of it. This song is No Rules saving the best for last. All the songs on the record are good, but this song is perfection. The lyrics really speak to the heart.

No Rules make music fun. Now that so many classic-rock artists aren't making new music, these eight guys captured their essence and made something new. It is almost like a trip in a time machine.

The band paints itself as a group of friends that basically like to make music together, but when you listen to Hell And High Water you know that they are much more than that. Hell And High Water is polished to perfection.

No Rules is a band for people who love classic rock, but are sick of waiting for their favorite bands to record again. Hell And High Water is an album that makes you feel like it's 40 years ago, but the sound is fresh and very current.

There are so few albums out there that have this kind of quality music. Hell And High Water is a rocking album that music lovers won't want to miss. It is one of the best albums you can listen to this year.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Sounds Like: Chicago/The Buckinghams
Buy: CD Baby
Released: 2012
Rating: 10/10