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An Everywhere Girl
24 February 2012 @ 05:33 am

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An Everywhere Girl
Katherine Gray Silvan - Me and the Moon
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

Katherine Gray Silvan's Me and the Moon is a great listen for the little tykes in your life. The album is mixture of different styles of music. Her sweet voice that at times sounds a bit like Lisa Loeb. Her music focuses on the world around us. The songs are geared toward the little ones, but she doesn't sing down to her audience. Instead, the songs have a childlike quality that makes them enjoyable to kids of all ages.

The album opens, appropriately with a song titled "Wake Up." Katherine implores us to get out of bed and get out. The love of the earth and all in it is a reoccurring theme here. No song captures that better than "Bless The Trees." This song has an oriental feel, similar to "The Siamese Cat Song" from Lady and the Tramp.

"Peace in the Kingdom" is a fun, face paced song. This song is sung in a bluegrass/country style. Katherine is accompanied here by the kids of The Montessori School Chorus. They join her many of the songs on Me and the Moon. Their voices bring something extra to the songs. They don't sound like the typical children's chorus, but more like children raising their voice in songs that are fun.

When it comes to fun, "Dog Song" has it all. Aria the greyhound lends her vocals, or rather barks to this sweet ode to man or woman's best friend. This is one of those songs that you can't help but sing a long to. Another fun song is "Put Your Butt Down." This is a fun, tree-hugging song that is very catchy. What kid isn't going to be singing "Put Your Butt Down" at the top of their lungs?

Katherine even tries her hand at rap with "Be Cool." White girls probably shouldn't rap, even on a children's record, but the song is so cute that it is easy to forgive her.

There is one song that really stands out on Me and the Moon, and that's "Afternoon Blues Jam." Katherine has managed to channel the spirit of Dusty Springfield. This is a fun jam, a'la "Son of a Preacher Man."

"Dog Song" isn't the only animal oriented song on Me and the Moon. A softer more serious tune, pays tribute to owls. "Owl Chant" is stunning. It starts with sounds of crickets. The song is slow and you can almost see day turning into night with this song. Can you say lullaby?

If you or your little one needs some time to chill or needs a song to help the chillin' along, the title track is the way to go. The percussion is perfect for relaxing. The vocals are soothing and sweet.

The journey into the evening hours continues with "Stars." It is a peppy track with a jazzy beat. This song could very easily inspire its listeners to lay back in the grass to pay some attention to the heavens.

The album closes with "Nightfall, Moonrise." Katherine has taken her listeners through a day from morning to night with some great songs.

Finding music for small kids is never easy. Some of it is simply too young and top 40 is just too grown up, even when it sounds child-like. That's why parents can be thankful for Katherine and her music. She serves up the perfect music that the kids will like and that mom and dad will too. This is music that you won't feel ashamed to have left in the CD player of your car. Me and the Moon is definitely a winner for all ages.

Genre: Children's
Buy: CD Baby
Released: 2011
Rating: 9/10