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How to Submit a Review or Get Reviewed

Here at mossip, we love being exposed to new artists and music. So we are always willing to accept album/concert reviews from our members!

How To Submit A Review
  1. Check the tags before submitting.
  2. Do NOT use someone else's review. Be original, write your own!
  3. Image size should be 200x200.
  4. Minimum of 6 sentences. However, we hope you write a bit more then that.
  5. Upload a sample song to or divshare and post it in between the lj-embed tags.
  6. Do NOT remove the textarea codes in the code. If you do, your comment will be deleted and will not be posted.
  7. Only ONE review PER comment.
  8. Do NOT ask us when it will be posted. When we have time to get to it, it will be done.
  9. Type the ARTIST - ALBUM in the subject line.
  10. If your comment is bigger then the allowed amount of characters, please feel free to link us to it. Preferrably in a zip file somewhere such as mediafire or divshare.
  11. And last but not least, if you can't follow the format/rules then we won't post your review.

You can see a sample review here

You can now Submit A Review by filling out the form HERE.

After filling it out it will be emailed to us and we will post it as soon as we are available to do so.

How To Get Reviewed
Do you have a band? Are a singer? Do you want your album to be heard and/or reviewed? Do you want us to interview you? Then you've come to the right place. Just fill out the form we have posted at the link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. [For quickest results upload you album to somewhere such as Sendspace, Megaupload (check below) or Mediafire. However, if you prefer to mail us the album please make a note of it in the comment section of the form so that we may arrange a writer for you to mail your album to.]

Need a place to host your album? Feel free to use our host!

Thanks for sharing!
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