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Album Review: Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot

Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot
Album Review by: elfslut

Listening to Ivory Tower Project is like taking a trip back to the 80s. Every song on Red Hot is destined to make those who grew up in the 80s have Deja Vu. Where have I heard that before? Nowhere. All the songs are penned by the members of Ivory Tower Project, but they definitely pay homage to the Monsters Of 80s Rock, such as Journey and Foreigner.

The album opens with My Name a rocker that would be proud to be sung by the likes of Steve Perry, and even though it isn't, won't make a difference. Mark Regula has a voice that will stand up with the best of them and he proves that consistently throughout the disc. And he keeps it up through the next four tracks, Burning, Gotcha, Way To Late and Guilty (Your The One).

You Can See It In My Eyes is the kind of ballad that gets the crowd to pull out their lighters and wave them about. Dreamers is probably the weakest of the tracks, as it goes a little too far into the pop end of the spectrum and this song seems like it would be more suited to the likes of Boy George or Dead Of Live than a rocking band.

I Can't Tell Him (Her) is an odd duet that speaks of The Hooters and Crowded House with an unnamed female taking part of the lead vocals. Its so different from the other tracks, but it works, even though its definitely out of place on the record, especially with the flute part.

I Think I Fell In Love With You is another ballad, a touching song on the lines of Sheriff's When I'm With You.

A remix of My Name closes out the album, a real oddity here, but its always interesting to here remixes of rock songs and this one doesn't disappoint. The beats and mixing give it an almost Depeche Mode type feel, and when I say The Mode I mean Violator Mode.

The first half of this album is definitely stronger, but ever the ballads hold their own. If you are a fan of old school 80s rock, this will fit well into your collection

Sound Clips: Myspace
Genre: Classic Rock, Power Pop
Sounds Like: Journey, Toto, Forgeiner
Buy:CD Baby
Website: Official Site
Released: 2008
Rating: 7/10
Tags: *elfslut, -review: albums

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