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Album Review: Jodi Arlyn - Stars Up On The Ceiling

Jodi Arlyn - Stars Up On The Ceiling
Album Review by: Andrea Guy

Massachusetts native, Jodi Arlyn delivers a stunning debut with Stars Up On The Ceiling. She's not a newcomer to the music industry. Jodi's been performing her songs places such as CBGB's, The Bitter End and the Lizard Lounge for the last seventeen years. Listeners will be left wondering why it took her so long, but good things come to those who wait, and Stars Up On The Ceiling is one of those things.

Jodi Arlyn is one of those unique pop vocalists that writes her own material. Listening to Stars Up On The Ceiling is like listening to Barbra Streisand's albums from the 70s. Jodi's voice is smooth and sweet and her songs will bring out the romantic in all of us.

Jodi has the kind of voice that you want singing you to sleep. She has a gentle voice that you can easily envision singing in a smoky club or on stage in large theatre with an elaborate backing band.

Stars Up On The Ceiling is Jodi somewhere in between. It isn't bare bones but it isn't overly produced. It is a comfortable fit for those that like songs that focus on vocals and Jodi's voice is what is going to draw you in.

The album starts out with a song about the life changing affects of love. "Love Lover" is a different twist on a love song. This song is about falling in love with love. "What was before I fear no more and I welcome what will be, now that your love has made a love lover of me." Jodi's lyrics speak volumes to the bitter and jaded that really change a person.

Looking for a pop song? "See Love" will fit the bill, especially if you like adult contemporary pop. This song makes you long for the days when Vh-1 played "grown up" music. "Only Tuesday" is another great love song, of a women waiting for her lover to return at the end of the week.

"Now" is a song that really sounds like 70s Streisand. It is more than just a melody or arrangement that puts you in mind of Babs, it is the pureness of the vocal. Jodi has the makings of a true diva.

"Tonight" seems to pay homage to Bacharach and David. It is very much a torch song with a touch of 60s pop goodness, that will make you think of Petula Clark and Dusty Springfield. Incidentally, this is the song that the album's title comes from. "I see stars up on the ceiling. faith is restored to sleepy eyes." "Needless to Say" is another track with a Bacharach and David tone.

What is refreshing about Jodi Arlyn, is that she sings about love and relationships, but doesn't make things sound all sugary sweet. She also doesn't go in for the vocal gymnastics that some of the ladies of her genre are likely to do. The themes of her songs are familiar but they are relatable.

Jodi doesn't need to try any fancy things with her voice, because her voice is good. It doesn't need any fancy production to hide flaws and imperfections. She has a voice that you really just want to listen to. Her vocal style falls somewhere between Barbra Streisand and Diana Krall.

The eight songs on the album are nice introduction to Jodi Arlyn. They will also leave you longing for more. It is music for the grown up crowd something that doesn't happen all to much in an industry that caters to the under 30 crowd. So if you are a grown up, rejoice! To sweeten the deal, Jodi's songs are all originals. This alone makes this album one for this year's "must listen" list.

Genre:adult contemporary, vocal
Sounds Like: barbra streisand, diana krall
Buy: Amazon
Released: 2012
Rating: 9/10
Listen: Tonight
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