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Artist Review: Jacob Johnson

Artist Review: Jacob Johnson
Artist Review Review by: elfslut

Jacob Johnson is a South Carolina native and a folk singer who brings a little more to the stage than just simple folksy type music. There’s poetry in his songs, and not the kind that make you think of hearts and flowers or even the sorrows of life. No his poetry is more about reality and it is tinged, ok maybe its more than tinged, with humor. Just listen to his take on the little teapot song we’ve all sung as children. He’s updated it a bit, but its retained its integrity as well as becoming a reason to smile or chuckle or both.

His debut offering called Est. 1986 is a combination of quirky ballads to some very Dylan-esque folk tunes, Jacob shows you that music that sounds good doesn’t always have to be serious. This is the man that wrote a very romantic love song to his guitar! If you don’t believe me, listen to Treat Her Right, and after listening to the album, its safe to say Jacob treats his guitar right. He’s got a very distinct way of playing that puts his playing in the spotlight, and if you can tear yourself away from the lyrics a minute you’ll be suitably impressed, but because he’s doing anything groundbreaking, its that what he does, he does well. He likes to call his style of playing “Neo-acoustic folk/funk” and if I knew what that was, I might agree with him. I’ll just say that his playing is unique.

Jacob is that awesome performer you’d expect to hear at a bookstore on a Friday night or a small coffee shop, with a crowd of loyal hanger’s on that grows with each appearance. The music has an intimacy to it that makes you feel like he’s right there in the room with you as you listen.

The album Est. 1986 is a mood lifter, even the songs that are about downer type situations leave you smiling, maybe that’s why he’s shared the stage with the likes of Tim Reynolds and Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe. These artists know something we’re just finding out; the Jacob is a great performer who has a way with words that will cause even the most curmudgeonly person to grin. The world needs more talent like this, when pop music is dominated by sounds that all seem to blend together and the songs lack anything to redeem them to the listen, Jacob is a refreshing listen.

He’s only got the one album to his credit, but its definitely a good one, and with some luck it will get him the notice he certainly deserves.


Genre: Folk, Indie
Sounds Like: John Mayer, Michael Hedges
Buy: CD Baby
Tour Dates: Reverbnation
Rating: 8/10
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